A Dreamer’s Despair

Put on a pretty face So when the bright lights hit The audience - in awe Is completely blinded - feigned exuberance!   They stare unknowingly into the abyss You lay in the hollows completely undressed Surrounded by articles Of your dirty laundry   You think to yourself ‘Someday I’ll get out of this mess’ [...]

piece of cake

your wicked wishes left ashes from departure and melted the frost - layers of sugar coated kisses adorn the submissive but fancy the fake   from your design to the time you decorate you say, "it was all a piece of cake"   © Mena B. 2019

Still Motion

  A world in still My eyes are open wider…     and…    WIDER… Then it all goes black. Awakened by a dream Of hope and light The world around me begins to take flight faster…    and…    FASTER! Then it all goes black. My eyes - they open My mind is quiet [...]

Dear 2018

Dear 2018, Lessons - unforeseen Left plenty of disarray As I sifted through loaded piles of dirty laundry   Sorted through the old and worn Patchwork covers Mend the loved - yet torn   Bags upon bags Filled with all I have outgrown Finding the fit To a person - unknown   By the end [...]

How To Love A Thing

It started with curiosity... Shiny and sparkly Flecks of glee spread across my face It shined through my eyeballs Like a child on Christmas morning   I didn't know I needed it Until I found it And the bliss it brought me - was infectious I must collect that feeling! But wait - feelings cannot [...]

The Box

Where have you put yourself? In a box? Two-fold The perfect fit You cross your heart and put a stamp on it Haunted by the beat As it ticks time You fly away To chase delight Delivered place to place Seeking escape Boxed in the restraint Of a narrow mind Form fitting molds And chains [...]