Artists Paint Waves

Sitting in this barren room - alone I can hear my words - echo My friends are squeaky floorboards Lulled beneath sounds of my own accord I stand up And move my feet at a steady - pace But it’s too soon to tell if I’ll win this race The squeaky sounds grow increasingly loud [...]

Lost Marbles

  I lost my marbles... Hear them clunk and roll Please, tell me - which way did they go? Because I'm tired of going Round and round And if I'm going to go up I must surely come down And maybe for awhile I'll just bounce around What a delightful sound! But such infuriating spheres [...]

The Disappearing Act

Time is the magician He’s a master of illusion And through immeasurable Frame and space I’ve come to this conclusion Dance through the dissonance Make your own magic Because the truth I’m about to reveal to you Is nothing if not tragic Time’s disappearing act - A farce Yes, it’s inevitably clear We believe the [...]

In Flow Motion

  In the face of tides We're two fish at sea You're in the sunshine I'm in the breeze I ask you, "How does life come so easy?"   You smile and look at me, "I'm the sail Propelled by wind and sea We move together in sacred symphony I sink into a waves melody [...]

the poem with no name

hello there fortuitous friends! spiders of the inter-webs I am the poem with no name comprised of countless hours and restless wondering but I trust you'll read me just the same... for secret silks entangle my frame and oh how your cobwebs entice me! weave me into such delicate fantasy entrap me with illusions of [...]