The Unexpected Guest

However anxiety inducing

I guess I prefer

Connect over


Because fearful neglect

Will ring in my ears

And I snap

as your footsteps draw near

The reality is…

I want you here

The reality is…

I’m afraid I’ll disappear

And you validate

My deepest fears

No I’m not alone

My dear, Anxiety’s here



Living In Anxiety

Welcome to my house

Where walls shake

And windows break

Black cats walk along cracks

On their hind legs

Hands wind faster

And time evaporates


I lay in bed at night

Wide awake

Trapped in the circles

of my mind…

A dizzying dance of shadows

Against the smallest shed of light


Fears crawl out of cupboards

And monsters hover

Feeding on the lies

Of their sisters and brothers

Wreaking havoc

As I exist in two states:

Tremors and shudders.


Locked in my house

Will I ever escape?

I can’t measure the moment.

I can only count the days.