Feminine Rain

art by Liesl Long


Feminine Rain

Sit in the state

Of resilient strength

And honor the hopes

Of young feminine


In a world where one

Can empower many

We create the world

Where future generations carry

Their voices

Heard from mountain tops

Creating ripples to waves –

The perfect storm for change…

Empowered feminine energy spreads across this day

My, how I love dancing in feminine rain…



Artists Paint Waves

Sitting in this barren room – alone

I can hear my words – echo

My friends are squeaky floorboards

Lulled beneath

sounds of my own accord

I stand up

And move my feet at a steady – pace

But it’s too soon to tell if I’ll win this race

The squeaky sounds

grow increasingly loud

My friends and I

We’re artists right now

creating conversation

Painting sound


Filling the canvas

In an empty space


Lost Marbles



I lost my marbles…

Hear them clunk and roll

Please, tell me – which way did they go?

Because I’m tired of going

Round and round

And if I’m going to go up

I must surely come down

And maybe for awhile

I’ll just bounce around

What a delightful sound!

But such infuriating spheres to find…

I left them over the matter

Where I also left my mind…



The Disappearing Act


Time is the magician

He’s a master of illusion

And through immeasurable

Frame and space

I’ve come to this conclusion

Dance through the dissonance

Make your own magic

Because the truth I’m about to reveal to you

Is nothing if not tragic

Time’s disappearing act –

A farce

Yes, it’s inevitably clear

We believe the illusion that he’s gone

When he was never really here…


In Flow Motion



In the face of tides

We’re two fish at sea

You’re in the sunshine

I’m in the breeze

I ask you,

“How does life come so easy?”


You smile and look at me,

“I’m the sail

Propelled by wind and sea

We move together in sacred symphony

I sink into a wave’s melody

Exchanged trust

in Earth’s compass

Pulled by cosmic energy

I call it moving in flow motion”


Before I can ask you

Where to find this compass

You swim on about your day


I look up at the sky for just a moment…

And surprised by my certainty,


“Oh my, I know the way!”

I proceed

to ride the wave…



Kindly, Kiss Me Goodbye



Would you look at the time?

My – oh my!

Doesn’t it just pass you by?

But pecks of promise

Grace my lips

like an opportune rhyme

So before you leave

Kindly, kiss me goodbye


Perpetual sighs



my desk

The lovestruck’s


List me off as lovelorn


As you leave

Kindly, kiss me goodbye?


I make stride

As I hasten to write

A love letter

lipstick stained and signed

The lovesick

fares well

On this stormy night

Oh, I’m already gone

Kindly, kiss me