Buried Treasure

The stories that play In your head over and over again Reflections of a hidden gem Slight shifts of perception It's in the inflection And tone That demand your attention Between inhale and exhale This thought sweeps you away “Maybe - just maybe They’re legends”, you say And maybe-  just maybe The treasure isn’t in [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

What words you say to me! Whispered stories of once haunting memories Captivate me with your distant fantasies I am your captive audience   Intimidated - As funny words within worlds Vibrate off your lips Exist - Like butterflies tickling my stomach I flutter and flip In such reminisce   Let's walk down lanes Hand [...]

Writing On Command

Blank stares at a blaring screen What can I say? It's a treacherous scene! Do letters ever get any sleep? Surely not, well - perhaps the letter 'z' I rarely find any rest at night Writing to reach self-imposed deadlines But words know not the notion of time And I perish at the sight of [...]

The Cost

I'm a gust of wind I  expend Until something breaks So I go within And you don't have time For a fleeting friend And I can't bear To be one you can't depend Upon my word I utter false pretense But I'm convinced I have pure intent I can't afford the heart you lent And [...]

State of Mind

  How do words reach an empty page? Ripple effect Water to wave Moved to interpret hello or goodbye Well - it all comes down to my state of mind   I can't bring myself To commit to the lines of thought that lead to pain and demise So I surmise - it's a coping [...]

cracked porcelain

Cling to the old Follow dust bunnies Down Rabbit Holes Lead me - To parts unknown Lead me - To cracked porcelain... I walk along memory lane Through thick veils of smoke In pouring rain Firmly settled Beneath ticking layers of time... My vision - cloudy A world - sublime I'm certain years have gone [...]