Escape all the noise

Those painted distractions

My muse – a memory

Created abstraction

They say I made you

A work of art –


Then gave you

My beating heart


And I cannot stand

The forsaken noise!

It rattles in my ribs

I guess it fills a void…

My contemporary

Art – We were once

one in the same!

But now you’ve escaped

And I watch

From a frame…


Free Fall



Tell me how

you expect me to rely…

On naked palms

Compressed behind

When little trust

I have in mine

And there are few

With best in mind

I cannot

Close my eyes

With demons crawling

up my spine

Pulling nerves

As they climb

Fueled – by design

To control

Residing in the heart

Exists the soul

Harmonious beats

Beckon me

to let go;

To set my mind – free

to power down

For the master of the mind

Is the one who wears the crown

To nature’s call

I must abide


the universe

will provide…


Watch me

Free fall

From the sky…


Body Language

What stories do your kisses tell me?

In body, in water

In distant memory

Bubbling to the surface

Let me blow off some steam

The heat of the moment

Casual luxuries

Satisfied wants

Drowned out needs

Forgotten – to the mind

This is the body’s reverie…

And I recall

The caress of your words

Mold me and leave me

Through love and through hurt

Healing and forgiveness

Through patience and time

I now understand

Why you never said goodbye

Through ripple effects

We return

face to face

A sense of remembrance

Silently communicates…

Embody me

With divine intention


Move me

With your waves


Fools For Forsythia



Paved out paths

Pacing, bides

One – of play

The other – pride

And I cannot shake

the unmistakable guide

Pulling my collar

Towards the thrilling joyride

On the right shoulder

A firm hand is placed

Telling me there’s little time to waste

And precious rewards

That could be mine to take

For few of folk

Have seen formidable future

Following Forsythia

In frolic and good humor

Dizzying daisies spin

Before my eyes

I’ve never been fond of choosing sides…

However, peculiar on the left –

Neither sway nor reason

My guide

Dances through change

Dances through seasons


The right demands, “You must decide”

I say, “To my heart, I must abide…”

I decide the fool’s delight.












Spring rings – listen in

A chance to begin

Anew and refreshed

Planted seeds of intent

Flourish and thrive

Fruitful bounty

To be young and alive


Respond to her call…

She’s beckoning to you

Through playful curiosities

And great honor and virtue


Mindful of butterfly effects

In this circle of life

The current state of our planet;

The thinning of ice


The mindless mindset

Of power and claim

This ownership- a facade

When all it does is separate


From the wonders

this earth beholds

If we only let go

Lay down our layers

of armor and ego


Respond to her call…

She’s singing to you

In the very air we breathe,

Through the trees – attribute


Respect to our planet –

Our treatment of life

Because we know how it feels

To simply – try and survive


Engage with nature

As you would a young child

Nurture and protect

All forms with pride


When will we all come to realize

This unavoidable truth

“As within so without”

It starts and ends with you.






Happy Earth Day!

Let’s love our beautiful planet EVERY DAY and treat her with the kindness and respect she deserves.



The Untold Story



Dream states

Secret realms

The seeker’s search

“Find yourself”

Lost in a line – blurred

Real and imagined

Conjure reality

Through means of attraction


Beneath heart beats –

the feel of senses

Howls – the wails of wants

Under false pretenses

Dull in comparison

Drenched in distraction

Chasing butterflies

Yet, caught in chain



I’d much prefer

The observer’s abstraction

Fulfill the needs of soul

Accompanied by

curious companions

Journey side by side –

the everlasting stroll

Through the light that shines

At the end of the tunnel

The start of a story – untold






Phoning It In

More often than not

People don’t make sense to me

Their wayward words

And layered vulnerabilities

Hidden behind domineering



The fickle stranger

The prodding verse

But never too close

To being fully immersed

Unbroken barriers

Faking ties

“How are you?”

When they simply mean,

“hello and goodbye”


Only respond with

sweet little lies

Just so we can remain civilized

Present yourself with

Your head held high

Who might be watching

If you dare close your eyes

And breathe –

not a moment

No we haven’t the time

Or you’ll surely miss out

On the debilitating grind


Meanwhile swimming in salty sea

Eye drops

Flailing before you drown

But who’s even watching?

Oh, there’s people around…

glued to the screen

Didn’t you know?

It’s digital Vaseline


Comparing ourselves to unknown beings

Confusing another’s fiction

With our own reality


Are the moments of living and breathing


To the connections of nature’s kingdom

Seeking escapism

By any means

Completely oblivious

That we’re living the dream