Fools For Forsythia

  Paved out paths Pacing, bides One - of play The other - pride And I cannot shake the unmistakable guide Pulling my collar Towards the thrilling joyride On the right shoulder A firm hand is placed Telling me there's little time to waste And precious rewards That could be mine to take For few [...]


Spring rings - listen in A chance to begin Anew and refreshed Planted seeds of intent Flourish and thrive Fruitful bounty To be young and alive   Respond to her call... She's beckoning to you Through playful curiosities And great honor and virtue   Mindful of butterfly effects In this circle of life The current [...]

The Untold Story

  Dream states Secret realms The seeker's search "Find yourself" Lost in a line - blurred Real and imagined Conjure reality Through means of attraction   Beneath heart beats - the feel of senses Howls - the wails of wants Under false pretenses Dull in comparison Drenched in distraction Chasing butterflies Yet, caught in chain [...]

Phoning It In

More often than not People don’t make sense to me Their wayward words And layered vulnerabilities Hidden behind domineering stature   The fickle stranger The prodding verse But never too close To being fully immersed Unbroken barriers Faking ties "How are you?" When they simply mean, “hello and goodbye”   Only respond with sweet little [...]

The Inner Critic’s Lesson

Dear inner critic Why so dismissive? Of creative expression Laying awake at night - restless In a state of deception Convincing yourself you’re never good enough Desperate for affirmation Confusing it with love Tell me “why bother?” When failure hovers Well- what if I were to tell you Failure is fiction? What would you think [...]