Procratination’s Finest

My dear friend, Procrastination prefers the finer things in life. In fact, anything that isn’t up to par – Procrastination won’t give an ounce of time! What a privilege to call this friend mine…

The last I saw Procrastination, we mulled over so many wondrous ideas. Procrastination’s riveting reveries and clever anecdotes had my mind spinning! Our conversations are always so stimulating.

Oh! And the way Procrastination’s eyes turn golden and bright, as brilliant ideas come to mind, like stars illuminating the dark night sky… Unfortunately we got so sidetracked through such delightful exchange in blissful reminisce, by the time we were ready to put thoughts into motion, Procrastination unexpectedly had to attend to some business. To say I was disappointed is a major understatement, but I find some comfort in Procrastination’s promise of “another day”.

Another day passes.

Then another day.

And some other days later…

I have voicemails filled with empty promises of plans and envelopes with harsh return stamps! I can’t imagine what it must be like to be so busy all the time. I realize Procrastination only pursues the finer things in life. Should I be offended, by the blatant delay of response and the toll this has ultimately taken on our friendship? Am I wasting my days trying to earn Procrastination’s attention?!

I heave a heavy sigh, for I have never been very fond of goodbyes. I am afraid I can’t wait another day longer.

In a final letter, I write with a fine point pen filled with red ink to you, Procrastination, who was once my dear friend. I suspect you now see little value in my offering of friendship, and with grave discontent and a tinge of regret, I bid you farewell. I imagine you have found another who’s worth your time spent. I’m saddened by the notion but what can you expect… when Procrastination is at its finest?