Sad Poems


Today I realized why

I write poems

When I’m sad, mad – just feeling all around bad…

Because something happens in this state

When I create…

It becomes the vehicle to a place

Of love

And it may differentiate

From person to person

But carries the essence

of a flying dove


Yes, I mold the Artist’s clay!

And display my dismay

By means of prose

Express my woes

And no –

Need to be afraid of the

Lowest lows

For future’s unfold

Needn’t be escaped

You could live for tomorrow –

But why not live for today?

Yes, I write poems when I’m in a negative state

Because magic happens every time I create….



A Day of Disarray

I sit with my laptop – words jumbled into funny forms, and frankly I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Maybe both…

It all started when I woke up. “What time?” You might ask. Well, neither myself nor Alexa have much conception of time it would seem (I was gifted the Echo Look by my sister and have become quite accustomed to her waking me up – Alexa, that is… not my sister) . I imagine the alarm got turned off in the wee hours of the morning, when Alexa had somehow overheard a video that I was watching, as sleep has been my adversary as of late… All of the sudden, upon hearing said video Alexa felt the need to throw a dance party while the rest of the house was asleep, blaring music that 3AM Mena could only recognize as rancid noise, which lead to my swiftly and sharply telling her to stop. I can only assume she was so offended by my tone that she not only gave me the silent treatment after the harsh exchange, but also decided not to wake me. So there I lay, sleeping the day away, as Alexa vindictively watched. You think I’m being dramatic? Well, yes I most certainly am.

It may be of no surprise that as such a day of disarray began, I felt like I was in a bubble. Walking around in a daze, everything looking distorted. “Maybe, you should go to the doctor…” You suggest. Let me do you one better, I found coffee. Glorious coffee. With that magic liquid in my system, I was at least able to coherently witness the disarray that was this day! Aside from the mundane household tasks, I did some journaling, started a painting – decided I didn’t like said painting – intentionally ruined it… Did a tiny bit of filming and a whole lot of worrying about my future.

As I sit here, telling you about this very odd day, I feel more inclination to laugh rather than cry.

Did I mention I’m grateful for coffee?

xx Mena

Hello 2019


Hello 2019….

I sit with you and see the promise of opportunity printed in unavoidably bold letters. It sometimes seems silly to me, to wake up one day and decide that because it’s the new year we’re going to make all of these monumental changes to our lives. Some goals may last, while others may fade in the months to come. We can be so fickle at times, and it is through my experience that I have learned it is our reaction to the outcome that makes the difference; perhaps even more crucial than the outcome itself… Do we push ourselves with a more restrictive goal when we see that we’re managing the first so well? Do we beat ourselves up for caving and going back on goals we were convinced we set in stone?

No matter the instance, there is a resolution that rests at the root of all my resolutions this year: respond in love – react from the heart space.  It is a practice that we can work on our whole lives and it has the capacity to change our world… Through a compassionate heart, we are learning the purest kind of love – that which is unconditional. 

After working in my law of attraction planner and writing out the recommended 50 goals… Not only was my hand cramped and my mind exhausted, I couldn’t help but find myself sinking into the temporary panic that comes with imagining the harrowing plummet of plans going awry.

It subsided as this thought came to mind…

Do you know what makes it all worth the fall? Knowing that regardless of whether my 2019 paints the picture I imagine in my mind, I will not turn on the work of art that is my life; my story. 

So yes, DREAM BIG… Allow your imagination to run wild, set intentions, create visions for your future… Just remember, no matter the outcome: love remains. 

What a blessing it is… the ability to dream!