A Dreamer’s Despair

Put on a pretty face So when the bright lights hit The audience - in awe Is completely blinded - feigned exuberance!   They stare unknowingly into the abyss You lay in the hollows completely undressed Surrounded by articles Of your dirty laundry   You think to yourself ‘Someday I’ll get out of this mess’ [...]

piece of cake

your wicked wishes left ashes from departure and melted the frost - layers of sugar coated kisses adorn the submissive but fancy the fake   from your design to the time you decorate you say, "it was all a piece of cake"   © Mena B. 2019

Still Motion

  A world in still My eyes are open wider…     and…    WIDER… Then it all goes black. Awakened by a dream Of hope and light The world around me begins to take flight faster…    and…    FASTER! Then it all goes black. My eyes - they open My mind is quiet [...]

A Day of Disarray

I sit with my laptop - words jumbled into funny forms, and frankly I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Maybe both... It all started when I woke up. "What time?" You might ask. Well, neither myself nor Alexa have much conception of time it would seem (I was gifted the Echo Look by [...]

Hello 2019

Hello 2019.... I sit with you and see the promise of opportunity printed in unavoidably bold letters. It sometimes seems silly to me, to wake up one day and decide that because it's the new year we're going to make all of these monumental changes to our lives. Some goals may last, while others may fade [...]