The Inner Critic’s Lesson

Dear inner critic Why so dismissive? Of creative expression Laying awake at night - restless In a state of deception Convincing yourself you’re never good enough Desperate for affirmation Confusing it with love Tell me “why bother?” When failure hovers Well- what if I were to tell you Failure is fiction? What would you think [...]

Sad Poems

Today I realized why I write poems When I’m sad, mad - just feeling all around bad... Because something happens in this state When I create... It becomes the vehicle to a place Of love And it may differentiate From person to person But carries the essence of a flying dove   Yes, I mold [...]

Beautiful Mysteries

There’s beauty in her mystery Magic in her wonder A storm in her breath Her voice - the likes of thunder And I am but the witness To her magnificence - In awe Through weathered storms We wander Seeking shelter In the raw What I thought I’d seen I - in fact Never saw Visions [...]

The Poetic Proposition

    Allow me to make A poetic proposition With the condition Of agreeable tone and rhythm And equivocal nature...   To the subjective The passing of time Perspective’s shift The blinking of eyes In best interest The "good" and "bad" Happy and sad Light and shadow sides... A delicate balance Both exist to survive [...]

The Unexpected Guest

However anxiety inducing I guess I prefer Connect over disconnect Because fearful neglect Will ring in my ears And I snap as your footsteps draw near The reality is... I want you here The reality is... I’m afraid I’ll disappear And you validate My deepest fears No I’m not alone My dear, Anxiety’s here   [...]

Feminine Rain

  Feminine Rain Sit in the state Of resilient strength And honor the hopes Of young feminine Forth In a world where one Can empower many We create the world Where future generations carry Their voices Heard from mountain tops Creating ripples to waves - The perfect storm for change... Empowered feminine energy spreads across [...]