The Ruler of the Word


Words along and above

A straight line – benign 

The ruler’s throne

In bold red ink


‘I command thee, Words

to dominate the meek

Yes, your reign – more powerful

than a line so straight.’


So you sit with your pen and let the words marinate

Until they stir you to write 

Their orders, you await…


Oh how I wish you’d remember!

You’re the space between the lines

The page in which the words reside

And they would be nothing without your mind

And these lines assist you

In the world YOU devise 

To their rules – you will not abide

They may pull the strings of hearts

But you’re the one who knotted the ties

Yes the cliche is ever true

The power has always resided in you


For if you read the fine print

You’re the ruler of the word

No – that’s not a misprint…







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