In Flow Motion



In the face of tides

We’re two fish at sea

You’re in the sunshine

I’m in the breeze

I ask you,

“How does life come so easy?”


You smile and look at me,

“I’m the sail

Propelled by wind and sea

We move together in sacred symphony

I sink into a wave’s melody

Exchanged trust

in Earth’s compass

Pulled by cosmic energy

I call it moving in flow motion”


Before I can ask you

Where to find this compass

You swim on about your day


I look up at the sky for just a moment…

And surprised by my certainty,


“Oh my, I know the way!”

I proceed

to ride the wave…



Kindly, Kiss Me Goodbye



Would you look at the time?

My – oh my!

Doesn’t it just pass you by?

But pecks of promise

Grace my lips

like an opportune rhyme

So before you leave

Kindly, kiss me goodbye


Perpetual sighs



my desk

The lovestruck’s


List me off as lovelorn


As you leave

Kindly, kiss me goodbye?


I make stride

As I hasten to write

A love letter

lipstick stained and signed

The lovesick

fares well

On this stormy night

Oh, I’m already gone

Kindly, kiss me












the poem with no name


hello there

fortuitous friends!

spiders of the inter-webs

I am the poem with no name

comprised of countless hours

and restless wondering

but I trust you’ll read me just the same…

for secret silks

entangle my frame

and oh how your cobwebs

entice me!

weave me into such delicate fantasy

entrap me with illusions of serenity

I am the poem with no name – threaded and woven

the spiders prey.







Buried Treasure


The stories that play

In your head

over and over again

Reflections of a hidden gem

Slight shifts of perception

It’s in the inflection

And tone

That demand your attention

Between inhale and exhale

This thought sweeps you away

“Maybe – just maybe

They’re legends”, you say

And maybe-  just maybe

The treasure isn’t in

the possession

Oh, maybe – just maybe

It’s buried beneath

the repression



The Ruler of the Word


Words along and above

A straight line – benign 

The ruler’s throne

In bold red ink


‘I command thee, Words

to dominate the meek

Yes, your reign – more powerful

than a line so straight.’


So you sit with your pen and let the words marinate

Until they stir you to write 

Their orders, you await…


Oh how I wish you’d remember!

You’re the space between the lines

The page in which the words reside

And they would be nothing without your mind

And these lines assist you

In the world YOU devise 

To their rules – you will not abide

They may pull the strings of hearts

But you’re the one who knotted the ties

Yes the cliche is ever true

The power has always resided in you


For if you read the fine print

You’re the ruler of the word

No – that’s not a misprint…







Happy Valentine’s Day


What words you say to me!

Whispered stories

of once haunting memories

Captivate me with your distant fantasies

I am your captive audience


Intimidated –

As funny words within worlds

Vibrate off your lips

Exist –

Like butterflies tickling my stomach

I flutter and flip

In such reminisce


Let’s walk down lanes

Hand in hand

I’ll bring the water

You bring the sand

Let’s build our castle and play pretend

And let the tide carry us away


We can stay floating around

At least for now

I say,

Looking up to the sky:

“Happy Valentine’s Day”



Writing On Command

Blank stares

at a blaring screen

What can I say?

It’s a treacherous scene!

Do letters ever get any sleep?

Surely not,

well – perhaps the letter ‘z’

I rarely find any rest at night

Writing to reach

self-imposed deadlines

But words know not

the notion of time

And I perish at the sight

of forced lines

Tell me, what is a sleep-deprived poet to do?

I heave a heavy sigh and press ‘CommandQ’