Dear 2018


Dear 2018,

Lessons – unforeseen

Left plenty of disarray

As I sifted through

loaded piles

of dirty laundry


Sorted through the old

and worn

Patchwork covers

Mend the loved –

yet torn


Bags upon bags

Filled with all I have outgrown

Finding the fit

To a person – unknown


By the end of it all

A sparse pile remains

But if you look in the pockets

I found spare change




Dear Avid Readers and Outside-the-Box Dreamers,

Thank you for the love and support this year. The opportunity to share my art, my thoughts, my words, and have them be well-received means the world to me. As we enter 2019, I am elated to share more of my poems and capture many memories.

2018 has taught me a great deal…

By forcing me to confront the parts of myself that were hard to face, time and time again, I have learned to love and let go. I have learned to flow with change more than I fight it, and to forgive: To forgive others, to forgive myself… To let go of the heavy burden that pent up hurt and unresolved frustrations build. To release the weight of words that rest behind a bitten lip… I have listened to my voice as it bounced against dry walls and allowed the sound to pour out of me until tears followed suit. I’m becoming familiar with the sound and giving it the permission it desperately desires; to be heard. I am learning not to assume the capacity in which others understand and to trust that authenticity is worth the risk of judgement. 

I have felt the love that never leaves even when you’re all alone and learned to find comfort in my own company. At times, I found myself too comfortable in my solitude, tethered to the fear of rejection … My door locked and blinds drawn…. only to find myself now on the other side of 2018, with my door wide open.  2018 has taught me not only the importance of self-awareness and re-discovery but also the loving connectedness amongst beings that is undeniable. I am so grateful for the love that binds us and I will continue to express that love in every way I can.  I’m not sure where 2019 will take me or what faces I will meet next, and while I may never stop dreaming… I imagine 2019 looks a lot like the place where dreams meet reality.

I hope you’re having a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve and I look forward to the adventures 2019 will bring.

Dream big xx



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