State of Mind



How do words reach an empty page?

Ripple effect

Water to wave

Moved to interpret

hello or goodbye

Well – it all comes down to my state of mind


I can’t bring myself

To commit to the lines

of thought that lead

to pain and demise

So I surmise –

it’s a coping device –

that gravity is on my side



fractured limbs

and a hot pink cast

I appreciate the harsh contrasts

give me normality

and I’ll give you

an unapologetic



Fascinated by the fears

and the gears they grind

Well – I guess it all comes down to my state of mind



cracked porcelain


Cling to the old

Follow dust bunnies




Lead me –

To parts unknown

Lead me –

To cracked porcelain…

I walk along memory lane

Through thick veils of smoke

In pouring rain

Firmly settled

Beneath ticking layers

of time…

My vision – cloudy

A world – sublime

I’m certain years have gone by…

And I have yet to decide

If I’m in hell or paradise…

Dust bunny friends

Hop out of sight

The treasure hunter’s delight

Navigating a maze

The dreamer’s daze

In a world where pictures speak

And hands of a clock

Grip my heart

Control the beat

The past

Always looks prettier

As a distant memory

Harsh realities

Haunt me

Vivid fantasies

Entice me

When fragile glass falls

I’m desperate to escape

The weight of the past

Will bend you

before you break


To my regard,

You endearingly exclaim;

“My darling,

you’re a cracked porcelain doll!

My darling,

you’re antique art!”

A Dreamer’s Despair

Put on a pretty face

So when the bright lights hit

The audience – in awe

Is completely blinded –

feigned exuberance!


They stare unknowingly into the abyss

You lay in the hollows

completely undressed

Surrounded by articles

Of your dirty laundry


You think to yourself

‘Someday I’ll get out of this mess’

And the hopeless dreamer never gets any rest

So you think yourself mad

In times of distress

Until thinking becomes as mindless

as the fluctuating feelings you felt


Need I digress?


Tell me something real!

Tell me something real!


Fictitious fiends forgo

Your relentless reveal

Leave me be


Let me heal.



The Beasts In the Cavern

While they sleep
You explore your cavern
Mingle with beasts
That reside in shadows
Then go out and reap
the harvest
Of your secret garden
Brought to light
Out of the unknown
Blossomed truths
Tell me, what has grown?
A storm brews
Thoughts forlorn
You return to your cave
Weathered and worn
Hands trace
claw marked walls
Hear the echoes
of mythical creatures
At play
You sit in silence
Close your eyes
Palm meets palm…

You pray

Bellowed growls
Once incited fear
Hold less power
When sound meets face…




Still Motion | A Film-Poem

A world in still

My eyes are open

wider…     and…    WIDER…

Then it all goes black.

Awakened by a dream

Of hope and light

The world around me starts to take flight

faster…    and…    FASTER!

Then it all goes black.

My eyes – they open

My mind is quiet

My world…

In still –

Instill –


I close my eyes.

Then open.

A world in motion

My world instilled

In the BLINK of an eye.