State of Mind

  How do words reach an empty page? Ripple effect Water to wave Moved to interpret hello or goodbye Well - it all comes down to my state of mind   I can't bring myself To commit to the lines of thought that lead to pain and demise So I surmise - it's a coping [...]

cracked porcelain

Cling to the old Follow dust bunnies Down Rabbit Holes Lead me - To parts unknown Lead me - To cracked porcelain... I walk along memory lane Through thick veils of smoke In pouring rain Firmly settled Beneath ticking layers of time... My vision - cloudy A world - sublime I'm certain years have gone [...]

A Dreamer’s Despair

Put on a pretty face So when the bright lights hit The audience - in awe Is completely blinded - feigned exuberance!   They stare unknowingly into the abyss You lay in the hollows completely undressed Surrounded by articles Of your dirty laundry   You think to yourself ‘Someday I’ll get out of this mess’ [...]