How To Love A Thing

It started with curiosity

Shiny and sparkly

Flecks of glee spread across my face

It shined through my eyeballs

Like a child on Christmas morning


I didn’t know I needed it

Until I found it

And the bliss it brought me –

was infectious

I must collect that feeling!

But wait – feelings cannot be collected…

What can I do?!

What can I do?!

I must find that feeling.

I think I lost it…


So I collected things

And things…

And things…

For awhile the feeling consistently came back

But the feeling would then subside faster

And faster…

It’s like my tolerance went up

As did my craving for something more –

Something better


And the fleeting


Made me realize how one-sided this love truly was…


How do I earn the affection of a thing?

The unconditional love I craved

Could not be given nor reciprocated

Broken parts were merely replaced

Receipts stored

For safe keeping

Oh, a thing can be felt

But knows not a thing

about feeling!

You ask me how to love a thing?

I heave a heavy sigh;


“Tell me tangible truths

That I can replace

With lament lies

Love –

True love

Well, it is never really mine!”



The Box

Where have you put yourself?

In a box?


The perfect fit

You cross your heart

and put a stamp on it

Haunted by the beat

As it ticks time

You fly away

To chase delight

Delivered place to place

Seeking escape

Boxed in the restraint

Of a narrow mind

Form fitting molds

And chains of wire

Cries for mercy

By your hearts desire

And what happens

When your box

Breaks down?

The evocative beat

Grows increasingly loud…

See you writhe and struggle

“As within, so without”

Tell me the truth

Without a shadow of doubt

Are you boxed in

Or have you boxed yourself out?