Living In Anxiety

Welcome to my house Where walls shake And windows break Black cats walk along cracks On their hind legs Hands wind faster And time evaporates   I lay in bed at night Wide awake Trapped in the circles of my mind... A dizzying dance of shadows Against the smallest shed of light   Fears crawl [...]

Dried Roses

  Brittle petals and brittle leaves A touch as prickly as can be! Her faulty beauty Trickled down To the blood we bleed See her wither Under the eyes of sympathy What love is left Is possessed and preserved Forever Such a charming display of dried roses...   Β© 2018 MABELLENA


Sweeter than a cherry Softer than the bear you left me Walking down the street Pass that face you'll never meet Sit beneath the elm tree Smile because the grass is green Stare into bliss   Days pass by Rolling into weeks   Rain drips down Fallen leaves Scuffle and bustle Along an empty street [...]

First Words

Sometimes words pour out - Unconsciously Makes me wonder Do they even belong to me? Are they ever really mine? I suppose this is the part Where I insert another rhyme Collecting information in The basin of my mind But what happens when these words Run dry - No more supply   Of no use [...]