Living In Anxiety

Welcome to my house

Where walls shake

And windows break

Black cats walk along cracks

On their hind legs

Hands wind faster

And time evaporates


I lay in bed at night

Wide awake

Trapped in the circles

of my mind…

A dizzying dance of shadows

Against the smallest shed of light


Fears crawl out of cupboards

And monsters hover

Feeding on the lies

Of their sisters and brothers

Wreaking havoc

As I exist in two states:

Tremors and shudders.


Locked in my house

Will I ever escape?

I can’t measure the moment.

I can only count the days.



Dried Roses



Brittle petals and brittle leaves

A touch as prickly as can be!

Her faulty beauty

Trickled down

To the blood we bleed

See her wither

Under the eyes of sympathy

What love is left

Is possessed and preserved


Such a charming display of dried roses…



The Mask | A Film Poem


Do you like the person you see in the mirror?

Is she the person you want her to be?

When she smiles does it reach her eyes?

Or are her eyes veiled in secrecy?

When she laughs do they laugh with her?

Or at her? We don’t know…

Insecurity to Insincerity

She puts on her mask and closes the door…




Sweeter than a cherry

Softer than the bear you left me

Walking down the street

Pass that face you’ll never meet

Sit beneath the elm tree

Smile because the grass is green

Stare into bliss


Days pass by

Rolling into weeks


Rain drips down

Fallen leaves

Scuffle and bustle

Along an empty street

Cold wind

Slaps cheeks



“Tell me,

Why you left me?”

Asked to no one

in particular


Grey clouds form

storms greater

with intention


I sit beneath this elm tree

Silent because the grass is green

Staring into the abyss

A face I never knew

To even miss

It’s all so bittersweet.















First Words

Sometimes words pour out –


Makes me wonder

Do they even belong to me?

Are they ever really mine?

I suppose this is the part

Where I insert another rhyme

Collecting information in

The basin of my mind

But what happens when these words

Run dry –

No more supply


Of no use to you – a shell of a person

Is all you leave behind

A single tear

streams down a hollowed cheek

In the wake of your surmise

Sound escapes between my lips


through the room with every line

and lands in your astonished ears


And right then it dawned on me

For the very first time…

Yes, I believe those words were mine.