The Berry Tree

  Blasted bobbling berry tree With a sway of a branch A shake of your leaves I make your unsolicited acquaintance   Your berry merrily taps my shoulder before taken over by gravity... I stare at the ground half-heartedly and resume my prose   A few moments pass by, a gust of wind howls before [...]

Dreamily Dazed

  She hums to herself as she bustles with the blinds open and the windows cracked   With all her weight pressed upon her toes with movements - in time  they know not, how to relax   And in the midst of such blissful reverie, she gets lost in the motion and allows her feet [...]

Master of Disguise

  Oh, master of disguise What a big surprise Everyday a new charade Self expression - so it’s fine   Oh, master of disguise Open and close your eyes But if you look inside Broken pieces misfit And the pieces are her Self love - so distant   Oh, master of disguise Always chasing a [...]