The Berry Tree



Blasted bobbling berry tree

With a sway of a branch

A shake of your leaves

I make your unsolicited acquaintance


Your berry merrily taps my shoulder

before taken over

by gravity…

I stare at the ground half-heartedly

and resume my prose


A few moments pass by,

a gust of wind howls

before a boisterous berry

clunks down

And lands precisely

on my head!


Bewildered and vexed

I defiantly flick it to the ground

to which a second avenges the first

as it too, taps my crown


My words have fled

I am lost mid sent-

Under attack!

As the berries continue…

Whack! Whack! Whack!


I look for cover

Exasperated and desperate I plead,

“Oh berry tree, please leave me be!”

But the berries will not yield,

so I’m forced to make haste

and retreat


A trail of red

with every step

To my utter horror – a heinous scene

For my shoe and floor,

covered in its ruddy fruit flesh

A blasted berry catastrophe!



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