Radio Waves

I listen to the radio a little too loud I sing out of key and get lost in a sound And when a rhyme meets a beat Makes a wave - Crashes down I am lost in the song and fall in love as I drown.   ©️ Mena B. 2018

Procratination’s Finest

My dear friend, Procrastination prefers the finer things in life. In fact, anything that isn't up to par - Procrastination won't give an ounce of time! What a privilege to call this friend mine... The last I saw Procrastination, we mulled over so many wondrous ideas. Procrastination's riveting reveries and clever anecdotes had my mind [...]

The Mist

  Crawling through The mist Making my way Towards you Fear induced Stress Abrasive and Subdued The closer I get My metamorphosis Skewed Your demeanor unchecked Separation Misconstrued Why can't you see? You are a reflection of me And I, of you Stuck in the mist - A mess Will we ever get through?   [...]

Unrequited Self Love

  A love letter Check yes or no Her heart must decline Longing for a love lost Can't set the clock to rewind Her body lives and breathes for her existence No greater love alive Caught in a self-woven web of shame and guilt A lovelorn state of mind As a sapling she was nourished [...]

Common Senses

  Speak to me Not select parts That deem me 'weak' Hear me When I speak And when I say, "I am okay" It's not a facade To find peace In the face of adversity See me Not my confines But the living soul within In a world where There is no definitive definition Open [...]


  One step forward                 Two          Steps Back Welcoming distraction In the silence we go flat Tell me, what is it that keeps you up at night? And in the middle of the darkness Could we still produce some light? And did you hear [...]