Welcome to MABELLENA


Unlocked gates

Imaginative delights

A story untold

Through depths of shadows

E x i s t

Glimmering sparks of light


I release the tethers of fear and doubt , which only held me in shadows ruminating. There is a light that already exists, bursting at the seams, waiting for the realization to hit. Will I be a silhouette? Flowing through motions with the faintest idea of what could have been… I think it’s time to view the world through a new lens…



Welcome to MABELLENA!

I have created this blog with the intent to hopefully spread some light and love, and share my own perspective and experiences through quirky poems and stories that reside in my noggin. I invite you to read some of my journal entries and hopefully take some useful messages away from them!ย 

For all my avid readers and outside-the-box dreamers, I hope this finds you well and I hope you will stick around for the chapters to come…

Let the story begin.

xx. Mena

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