Measure lengths

Of time and space

Bridge the gaps

Time elapse

The burden of knowing

I can hear Greed crowing

The connotation of ‘need’

The merciless feed

Insatiable means

Sacrificed identity

Buried next to originality

While Greed preys on the remaining parts of me


Bright screen

Dull reality


© Mena B. 2017

Drawing. A. Blank.



Fictitious ticking time bomb

Threatens to explode

As words fill an empty hole


And I’m sitting in a corner

As you await my reaction

But I am hunched over,

and my spine is curled

with no retraction


Every step closer

a resounding BOOM!

And it rattles in my ears and shakes my hands

But not a tear –


You peer over my shoulder to find

A white sheet of paper

and a pencil pacing

in this quivering hand of mine


“Draw!” you demand.


I take a new sheet of paper,

draw a rectangle in the middle

and hand it to you.


“What’s this?” you retort.


“Why I’m afraid I’ve drawn a blank.”


© Mena B. 2018

Thoughts In Nature


Sometimes I catch

my thoughts

in a net

of what ifs.

Free of condition

and the limitations it presents

To frolic in the grass

without a shadow of fear

lurking behind my back.

Every step.

Not a crack.

To climb a tree – yes!

Let’s seek higher ground!

To jump to the sky.

Let’s commune on the clouds

To be quite honest…

I doubt I’d ever come down

But my hands start to sweat

The release of the net!

Metamorphosis –

Turned before my eyes

My what ifs are now butterflies

And I watch them fly far away

Such beauty to look at –

But not mine to save

I am hauntingly captivated


© Mena B. 2018


We were once foggy mirrors

til we focused on breath

Through thin glass, our hands met

and swept – a universal circle

The unspoken truth – so clear

As I reflect on you and I

We’re makers of the same mirror


© Mena B. 2018

Inspiration Strikes


The past week or so…

My dreams were light

Almost blurry

Practically out of sight

Looking through foggy lenses

Leads one to restless nights

Until all of the sudden…


Inspiration strikes


I can’t tell you how it happened

Or how long it plans to stay

But I’ve learned time after time

It’s best to ride the wave

So when you’re feeling down

And your dreams are out of sight

Remember, when you least expect it…


Inspiration Strikes.


© Mena B. 2017

The Dreamer



When will you make your dreams a reality?

Perhaps when the stars align?

Or maybe when pigs begin to fly?

The tick tap of your sole

The irrelevance of time…

How will you make your dreams a reality?

Through the twiddle of your thumbs?

The unprecedented magic wand,

That leaves all fair and benign?

A cryptic fantasy

Where the restless dreamers never die


And in the stillness of the night,

Answer me this – without quiver;

What is the dreamer’s reality?



wild flower


Above a field of wildflowers

There flew a bird and a bee

Overlooking flower flocks

A freshly sprouted seed

The bird turned to the bee

and said…


“I foresee

When blossom peaks

There’s none as wild as she.”