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Thoughts In Nature



Sometimes I catch

my thoughts

in a net

of what ifs.


Free of condition

and the limitations it presents

To frolic in the grass

without a shadow of fear

lurking behind my back.

Every step.

Not a crack.


To climb a tree – yes!

Let’s seek higher ground!

To jump to the sky.

Let’s commune on the clouds

To be quite honest…

I doubt I’d ever come down


But my hands start to sweat

The release of the net!

Metamorphosis –

Turned before my eyes

My what ifs are now butterflies


And I watch them fly far away

Such beauty to look at –

But not mine to save

I am hauntingly captivated

Journal Entry #5: Learning from the past, moving forward, and equal give and take



Together we hold promise,

through equal give and take

But through acts of self-sabotage

the desire to run away


Add it to the weight

of the past

you left in your wake

Entrapment of the mind

you’re yearning to escape


What happens when you forgive

past mistakes

and openly communicate?



A clear mind, and-

a rekindled

loving exchange.


I see a strong relationship that holds promise, but requires equal give and take. There may be one person who is taking more than they are giving and dwelling on the past. So much so, that they are not fully appreciative of the love they have in their life. This does not only pertain to romantic relationships but can apply to any relationship that could be taken for granted. Relationships require compromise. Without it, we create an imbalance and add tension to our relationships.

All too often, when we dwell on the past, we are comparing it to our present reality or imagining “what could have been”. In turn, if we compare the past to the present this can create a distance between ourselves and those around us currently.

It can seem so much easier to run away from our problems than to face them. Running away from the past is a fool’s errand. Leaving a situation behind because the weight of the past seems too heavy, will ultimately result in more weight, slowing you down so the past can inevitably catch up to you. While we can’t change the past we can learn from it… Being open in communication is extremely important and taking the time to meditate will bring clarity.

There is a fresh start ahead and it involves moving forward. If this resonates in terms of a romantic relationship, after a major change occurs and some introspection, I do see a happy union. If this does not resonate on a romantic level – just know there is still a sense of positive change and moving forward.

These are the cards I pulled this morning and the message I received. If it resonates, I hope it is helpful.

I hope you enjoy these kinds of posts as I enjoy sharing them. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Much love & light.

xx. Mena



Journal Entry #4 : Protect your energy, you’re in your power.




Be sure of yourself

Oh, powerful one

You’ve faced many battles

From which, you’ve overcome


Carrying on,

Radiating light

With a golden chalice

stood a daring knight


Your cup is full –

bountifully so –

But now you seek


in places yet to be known


A storm brews

a life-changing event

demanding of release

leaving areas unkempt


There is a truth to be revealed

to distinguish between

what is fantasy,

what is real

and where the lines overlap –



Protect your energy,

immerse in love…

On the horizon – a rising sun.

Today I felt this sense of ‘being in my element’. When you are in your element, you are in your power. You exude confidence and there’s this sense that I can only describe as ‘feeling like you’re in the right place at the right time’. This doesn’t mean that every piece of the metaphorical puzzle called life has been perfectly placed. It simply means that you feel equipped to rise to the challenge. So, I find myself relating to this particular spread I laid out this morning.

Right now you are in your power. Even if you don’t particularly feel ‘in your element’ at the moment, the energy of the Emperor is powerful. This is someone who takes the lead. Someone who is well aware and completely prepared to take control of his or her life. This energy – whether you realize it or not – already exists within you. Your cup is full – overflowing even – so now is the time to take your hopes and your overflowing cup, and take decisive action. What is something that you have been hoping for that has not yet materialized into your experience? Maybe you want to meet your soulmate or complete a project that is important to you. Whatever the situation may be, now is the optimal time to create. We are creators of our experience and turning your hopes and dreams into reality requires taking initiative. This can lead us to places we never even imagined.

This tower moment presented, is a major change and reality shift. This moment carries some kind of truth to be revealed. This could be the truth about others, the truth about a situation, or the truth about ourselves. This moment is necessary for our growth and can help us find the balance between our emotions and our logical mind. It’s also quite important that we protect our energy from those who bring in negativity and make you feel inferior. Remember, you are powerful and you have the ability to create your reality.

Your future is bright.

Much love & light.

xx. Mena



We were once foggy mirrors

til we focused on breath

Through thin glass, our hands met

and swept – a universal circle

The unspoken truth – so clear

As I reflect on you and I

We’re makers of the same mirror

Inspiration Strikes



The past week or so…

My dreams were light

Almost blurry

Practically out of sight

Looking through foggy lenses

Leads one to restless nights

Until all of the sudden…


Inspiration strikes


I can’t tell you how it happened

Or how long it plans to stay

But I’ve learned time after time

It’s best to ride the wave

So when you’re feeling down

And your dreams are out of sight

Remember, when you least expect it…


Inspiration Strikes.

The Dreamer




When will you make your dreams a reality?

Perhaps when the stars align?

Or maybe when pigs begin to fly?

The tick tap of your sole

The irrelevance of time…

How will you make your dreams a reality?

Through the twiddle of your thumbs?

The unprecedented magic wand,

That leaves all fair and benign?

A cryptic fantasy

Where the restless dreamers never die


And in the stillness of the night,

Answer me this – without quiver;

What is the dreamer’s reality?



wild flower


Above a field of wildflowers

There flew a bird and a bee

Overlooking flower flocks

A freshly sprouted seed

The bird turned to the bee

and said…


“I foresee

When blossom peaks

There’s none as wild as she.”